Get Involved

  • Help organizing funding drives
  • Be active in all activities performed within our organization to organize lecture series, Chaitra Paripaati, etc
  • We welcome your contributions for any of our goals
  • For a specific goal
  • For a specific organization that meets our requirement
United Way
  • We are listed with a quite a few charitable organizations in USA including United Way.​
  • Many companies match charitable funding and also sponsor United Way. You can designate Veetag Kalyan Kendra as the receiving organization for your funds under United Way and we will get the matched funds from United Way as you designate them.
  • We are registered with Amazon. Amazon will contribute 0.05% of your purchases from Amazon through out the year. You only have to select once the Veetrag Kalyan Kendra as your choice of Charitable organization when you register with Please do this for each family members account to help us get this contribution.
Join Our Team
  • Please let us know how you could help our organization by joining our team. Our executive committee will decide on who and when we can include you to grow our organization.

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