Animal Protection
  • Care for 200 Animals yearly – food, medicine.
Medical Aid to Needy patients
  • Low Cost medicine up to 50 patients per day.
Medical Aid To Jain Sadhus And Sadhvijis
  • Medicine for 50-60 Sadhu Sadhvijis monthly – Medicine, Gochari
Low Cost Food To Needy
  • Low cost food to 25-30 people per day
Increasing Awareness Of Jain Principles
  • Jain Pathshala: Salary of 40-50 teachers yearly, 400-500 Students yearly and books
Funding For Education
  • One book based on Jain Principles to each member on yearly basis
Distribution Of Literature On Jain Philosophy
  • Publication of Jain Tatvarth Sutra Granth to reach over 2000 people
Special donations Provision
  • We distribute collected funds across our objectives in proportions agreed to by our committee and IRS during registration.
  • However, we also have a provision to accept funding for a specific goal. In that case we will distribute those funds for specified cause only.
  • We also accept funding for specific charitable organizations as long as it meets two requirements:
    • The organization has formal letter from Reserve Bank of India to be able to accept funds in foreign currency
    • The receiving organization support one or more of our goals

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