Collect donations in USA and distribute 100% of the collected donations to the needy in India. We focus on supporting education, providing low cost food and medicine, protecting animal (Jiv daya), increasing awareness of Jain Principles, etc.


Help needy by giving back to the community we grew up in – that includes education for poor, animal protection, free or low cost food, discounted medicine, discounted food, etc.

Connect with kind hearted people who want to give back to the community by providing donations for our goals and/or to provide donations for specific goal and distribute all donations to the appropriate charitable organization in India that meets our objectives.

100% of the donations collected will be distributed – All administrative expenses are borne by Executive committee members.


  • Founded by Shri Navinbhai H. Shah in mid 1995
  • Intended to give back to the community we grew up in
  • Sought help from friends and family members with similar intentions
  • As funding sources expanded, thought occurred to formalize it and to give a break to donors by getting tax deductibility in USA
  • Registered with IRS in 2004

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